Thursday, December 1, 2011

Infant Sensory Wall

So I've been struggling with the feeling that I am some how failing as a mother and should be working harder to stimulate Colby's brain.  I suppose it is partially my fault since I read lots of parenting books and a brain enrichment book.  I know deep down that just the fact that I worry about him means that I am probably doing just fine.  I also have heard of a few people having their kids in Montessori preschools and day cares.  From what I can gather these basically just involve getting the kids involved outdoors, textures, tastes, and talking through your day with them.  I thought I would give my hand at stimulating his brain with sticky textures.  He seemed to like the wall and the dog also liked the challenge of pulling things off.  (I taped up contact paper sticky side up to the wall under a counter and then I taped some strips of clear tape on the other sheet.  Many different objects stick to these and I taped tape sticky side out onto a oatmeal lid and he was really perplexed by the lid getting stuck to his fingers)

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